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When Should I Buy A Breast Pump

And if you rent or share from an authorized provider (such as a hospital, lactation consultant, or specialty medical supply store), do so only if the pump is designed for multiple users. And do so only if you have your own accessories kit to avoid contamination. The accessories kit typically includes the milk container, breast-shield, and tubing.

when should i buy a breast pump

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In some cases, we are able to verify your information almost instantly, allowing you to select your breast pump the same day you submit the form. Other times, we may need to seek additional info from you or your insurance provider before we can curate your specific breast pump options.

As a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provider, we work with your insurance company directly to lessen the stress and hassle of receiving a breast pump through insurance! This creates a smoother process for all involved.

Every health insurance plan has a unique set of guidelines for breast pump coverage. If you have specific questions regarding your coverage and which breast pumps will be available to you at no cost, the best place to begin is our form. We work with most major health insurance providers, and can also provide a breast pump through most Medicaid plans.

Unlike a traditional online shopping experience, your breast pump will ship at the earliest eligible date required by your health insurance. We must follow the timing criteria provided by your specific insurance plan.

If you have health insurance coverage, we do not recommend adding a breast pump to your registry as they can be very expensive. Because the Affordable Care Act requires insurance companies to cover the cost of a breast pump, you should absolutely take advantage of this benefit.

Unfortunately, because of the medical nature of a breast pump, most retailers will not accept returns. However, all Aeroflow Breastpumps pumps are warrantied through the manufacturer. If you experience any issues with your breast pump, we recommend reaching out to them directly, as they will be able to help you with troubleshooting!

Single-breast pumps are less efficient than double-breast pumps, but are also smaller and cheaper. These are good options for moms who are away from baby no more than several hours a week but want the speed and efficiency of an electric pump.

Okay, now we're in two minds about this one. First of all, the reality is that a really high proportion of women who are buying breast pumps are in a hurry. Often this is because an issue has arisen (such as low supply or attachment issues) and women are needing a breast pump ASAP to help. Or perhaps their previous breast pump has just broken, and they are expressing daily. Maybe we're over cautious, but we treat all orders as urgent.

If you are pregnant, the best time to order a breast pump is as soon as possible! Ordering a breast pump through insurance can require some collaboration between moms, doctors, and insurance representatives, which can take some time. Therefore, as soon as a mom knows she is pregnant and wants to breastfeed, she can begin the process of ordering a breast pump through insurance. A mom can qualify for a breast pump at any point during her pregnancy, however some plans will only cover the cost of the breast pump and ship it at specific points in the pregnancy. For example, some plans will cover the cost of a breast pump within a few weeks or months of the due date, while others may only approve coverage after the baby is born. Regardless of when your insurance will approve your breast pump, you can begin the process and qualify with Pumps for Mom as soon as you are ready!

Many moms want to provide breast milk to their little one as soon as he or she is born, which is why it is important for moms to qualify for their breast pump as soon as possible. In fact, medical professionals usually encourage breastfeeding or breast pumping within a few hours of delivery, especially if a newborn needs to spend some time in the neonatal intensive care unit, or NICU. Moms can begin using their breast pump as soon as they are ready to provide breast milk to their little one after delivery and can continue to use their breast pump for as long as they want to breastfeed!

Many insurance plans require a breast pump prescription from a medical professional, so moms should talk to their doctor about breastfeeding and learn more about the benefits of a breast pump. Once they have their prescription, moms can work with Pumps for Mom to qualify through insurance and order the insurance breast pump that best meets her needs. Our simple qualification form makes it easy for moms to see which breast pumps are commonly covered by their insurance plan. Plus, our maternity product specialists will walk moms through every step of the process, from verifying insurance benefits to their breast pump arriving at their door.

New and expectant moms have questions, and the Pumps for Mom team has answers. Our wide range of available insurance breast pumps, our simple qualification form, and our experienced maternity product specialists are all designed to help moms get the best breast pump for them. Explore our variety of breast pump brands and maternity compression garments through insurance, and feel your best as you become a breast pumping pro.

What to Expect's Editorial Director Christine Mattheis tested five types of breast pumps during her seven-month breastfeeding journey with her daughter, Rose. She says that the Spectra S1 was by far her favorite. "The Spectra pumped milk extremely efficiently," she says. "In just 15 minutes, I could express up to 5 ounces per breast, while with other pumps I'd get maybe half that amount." Plus, she says, the Spectra was easy to use, fit comfortably and was easy to clean.

I have both the Medela Pump in Style Advanced and the Spectra. The Medela is fine, but the Spectra is more comfortable, easier to clean (closed system), gives you more control over the pump settings, is quieter and gives me more milk when I express."

Christine tried both the Medela Freestyle Flex and the Medela Pump In Style. She was able to express similar amounts of milk with each, even though the Freestyle Flex is smaller and somewhat less powerful. Plus, it made outings a breeze. "I exclusively breastfed for the first few months of my daughter's life, and the first time I finally went out for dinner without her, I was so worried about having to pump in public," she says. "But it was so easy with the Medela Freestyle Flex. It fit in my tote bag, and was easy to set up in the bathroom. After that first on-the-go pump, I started venturing out a lot more frequently, and always brought my Medela with me."

This manual pump is extremely affordable, plus small and lightweight, which makes it easy to pick up as a backup for times when you might need to relieve just a little bit of engorgement or if you only tend to pump a few ounces every once in a while.

Christine used the Lansinoh Manual pump occasionally. "It was most useful for me when my daughter started sleeping longer stretches at night, and I'd wake up engorged," she says. "I wanted my body to adjust my milk supply accordingly, so didn't want to do a full pump with my Spectra or Medela Freestyle Flex. So I would use the Lansinoh Manual for just a few minutes to relieve pressure. Lansinoh bottles were the only type my daughter would take, so using this pump was a no-brainer."

Keep in mind that although the Willow is much more discreet than a typical breast pump, you won't necessarily be able to go about your day without other people noticing that you're pumping. "The Willow is helpful if you want to, say, throw on a big sweatshirt and take a walk around the neighborhood while you're pumping," says Robin. "But it is larger and more noticeable than I was expecting, so I didn't feel comfortable wearing it in the workplace or in more public settings."

And while it's small, it's also mighty: This pump has 10 massage settings and another 10 for expression to make sure it will not only do the work, but also stay comfortable for you. Moms who pump in the middle of the night will also appreciate the easy-to-read LCD screen and the low-hum motor. The closed system makes keeping things sanitary nice and easy, too. The pump also comes with three breast shield sizes, a pumping bra and tons of other accessories.

Like our staff members, many What to Expect community members have found the Haakaa to be a pumping life-saver. In fact, several use it as their go-to breast pump: It was deemed the Best Manual Breast Pump in the 2022 Feeding Awards.

One of the many benefits of a wearable breast pump is that you can pump just about anywhere, but the gig is up if your pump makes a telltale whooshing noise. Luckily, the Elvie Pump is one of the quietest on the market.

This is where a good breast pump comes in. It is important that you get the best breast pump for your situation before the baby arrives just to be prepared and reduce the last minute rush. One way to find a great breast pump is through checking breast pumps reviews. This will help you in choosing a pump that will meet all your needs. The understanding of different brands and models, their features and different benefits is the best way to buy a pump that will be perfect for your situation.

There is no universal time when it comes to buying a breast pump. For some moms, acquiring the breast pump before their baby arrives will help them in getting to know how it works. For some mothers, this important pump will come in handy only when they need to go back to work and thus they will only need it at this time.

Since the Affordable Care Act has made money a minor issue in the purchase of a breast pump, you can now get a free insurance breast pump. Because you do not have to dig deep into your pocket to buy a unit, you can just get the pump early prior to the birth of the baby. You can spend time familiarizing yourself with the features of the pump and its capabilities such that when the baby arrives, you will not have a hard time. 041b061a72


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